Thursday, September 22, 2011

School House on the Prairie

As promised, here are a few more shots of the school house. There is just something about the color of weathered old wood that I just love — a perfectly muted brown grey. Unfortunately, the outside is covered in stucco, so not sure what year the school was built. Maybe the 40's or 50's? The inside walls are painted that hospital green color which I think was very popular back then.

It is too bad that my father has since passed away. I am sorry now that I never did think to ask questions such as "Where did the school house come from?" or "What year was it built?" Back then, my younger self did not have any interest in these kinds of things. Which is too bad. But that is life.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

School House on the Farm

I grew up on a farm just outside of the little town of Quill Lake, Saskatchewan. My dad was a farmer, but he liked to collect and tinker with old cars in his personal time. Back in the late 60's, he had an old one-room school house moved to the farm to use as a shop for his tools and parts. As a kid, I never understood why he had a school house for a shop. Why did he not have a shop like everybody else? But now, I can have a greater appreciation for the fact that there is a school house on the farm. And not everybody can say they have that!